Walk up to Amathunta Acropolis and sea side cycling

Saturday 12.11.2016:

Walk up to Amathunta Acropolis and sea side cycling.

RATES: (Net, per person): 25 euros CLICK TO REGISTER

Walk up to Acropolis of ancient Amathunta and enjoy the sunrise at 6.19am. Mythology, mystery, romance join a cycling tour by the seaside from Santa Barbara to the medieval castle and back 13Km max 50 pax. Duration 75 minutes (6:00 am – 8:00 am).

Traditional Cyprus night event with dinner

Saturday 12.11.2016:

Traditional Cyprus night event with dinner.

At Cyprus – Greek Restaurant Archontoloi

RATES: (Net, per person): 70 euros CLICK TO REGISTER

Breakfast with experts

Sunday 13.11.2016:

Breakfast with experts:

RATES: (Net, per person): 25 euros (ONSITE REGISTRATION)

Morning walk and coffee on the promenade and sculpture park with experts. 3 teams: limit up to 20 people (7:00 am – 8:30 am).

“Correction of anterior open bite dentofacial deformities”
Organizer : Zoe Nicolaou – Expert: Johan Reyneke – At Vinylio
“The luckiest people on earth”
Organizer : Christodoulos Laspos & Georgia Sofroniou – Expert: Rolf Behrents – At Hovoli
“Increasing efficiency at biological and biomechanical levels”
Organizer : Marilena Skyllouriotou – Expert: Spena Raffaele – At Mallon Glykis

Full day tour at Troodos Mountains/Kykkos Monastery/Omodos Village

Sunday 13.11.2016:

Full day Troodos Mountains/Kykkos Monastery/Omodos Village (9.00 am -17.00 pm).

RATES: (Net, per person): 70 euros (minimum 15 persons). CLICK TO REGISTER

Join us for an outgoing you will never forget. Passing through picturesque, traditional mountain villages, we shall drive you to the heart of Cyprus. Our first stop is Troodos square. We continue to pass just below Mount Olympus, the highest point in Cyprus with a peak of 1950 meters, to experience a spectacular, suburb view of the countryside and the forest stretching below. We proceed via Prodromos to the wealthiest Monastery of Kykkos (a byzantine foundation in 1092).

There, we visit the church and then Throni where the late President of Cyprus Archbishop Makarios is buried. The view is magnificent!

Our next stop is the very known “Wine” village of Omodos.  After lunch we visit the pride and joy of Omodos – the Monastery of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross. Built at the heart of the community, it rises majestically and with its imposing presence, it is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries on the island and a significant part of Cyprus’ cultural heritage. According to tradition it was established before St. Helen’s arrival in Cyprus in 327 AD, but the exact date of its establishment is unknown. It possibly existed before the village was founded.  The theory is that the village was established around the monastery. Historians such as Neofytos Rodinos, the Russian monk and traveler Barsky, the Dean Kyprianos and others, refer to St. Helen’s visit to Cyprus noting that she left a part of the Holy Rope in the Monastery. This rope, with which Christ was  bound to the Cross, is described as red colored and “stained by the blood of Christ”.

Return to the hotel in Limassol.


-English speaking guide, all entrance fees and nice meze lunch are included.

-Drinks during lunch are not included.

Full day tour at Paphos/Curium/Mosaics/Tombs of the Kings

Monday 14.11.2016:

Full day Paphos/Curium/Mosaics/Tombs of the Kings (8.30 am -17.00 pm).

RATES: (Net, per person): 70 euros (minimum 15 persons). CLICK TO REGISTER

Our first stop will be at the ancient site of Curium.  Considered one of the most spectacular archaeological sites on the island, Curium was an important city kingdom where excavations continue to reveal impressive new treasures. Noted particularly for its magnificent Greco – Roman theatre, it is also home to stately villas with exquisite mosaic floors and an early Christian Basilica among other treasures. Originally built in the 2nd century B.C., Curium’s awe-inspiring theatre is now fully restored and used for musical and theatrical performances. The House of Eustolios, consisting of a complex of baths and a number of rooms with superb 5th century A.D. mosaic floors, was once a private Roman villa before it became a public recreation centre during the early Christian period. The early Christian Basilica dates to the 5th century and was probably the Cathedral of Curium, with a baptistery attached to the north face.

We continue on to Paphos. All sites visited in Paphos today are included in the official UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage. Paphos was the Roman capital of Cyprus and it was there, after seeing God perform a miracle through Paul, that the Proconsul Sergius Paulus was converted to Christianity in 47 AD. Cyprus was the first area to be ruled by a Christian. Our first stop is at the Pillar of St. Paul where the Apostle was bound and flogged. It is surrounded by the remnants of an early Christian basilica constructed in the 4th Century. The tour proceeds to the colorful and evocative Roman mosaics depicting mythological scenes mostly from the 3rd Century AD.

After lunch at the old harbour we visit  the Tomb of the Kings – an ancient necropolis carved out of solid rock and given this regal name because of its imposing character. These underground pillared atria and chambers served as refuge for Christians during early persecutions.

On the way back to Limassol we will also see Petra tou Romiou an interesting geological formation of huge rocks off the southwest coast in the Paphos district and one of the most impressive natural sites in Cyprus. It is associated with   Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. According to legend, this strikingly beautiful spot is where Aphrodite rose from the sea foam and floated ashore on a scallop shell to the rocks known as ‘Rock of  Aphrodite’ or ‘Petra tou Romiou’ in Greek. The Greek name, Petra tou Romiou, “the Rock of the Greek”, is associated with the legendary Byzantine hero, Digenis Akritas, who kept the marauding Saracens at bay with his amazing strength. It is said that he heaved a huge rock into the sea, destroying the enemy’s ships. Return back to the hotel in Limassol.


-English speaking guide, all entrance fees and nice meze lunch are included.

-Drinks during lunch are not included.

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