Dr. Angel Alonso Tosso

Dr. Angel Alonso Tosso
  • – Degree in  Medicine. University of Cadiz.
  • – Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery (PhD) University Complutense. Madrid.
  • – Specialist in Stomatology. University Complutense Madrid.
  • – Research Scholarship in Periodontics (National Secretariat of University and Research). 1982-83 and
  • – Clinical Assistant  and Assistant Professor in Oral Pathology and Periodontics Department. Univ. Complutense Madrid. 1982-85.
  • – Post Graduate in Orthodontics. San Rafael Hospital. Madrid
  • – Graduate in Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlussion. San Francisco. USA.
  • – Private Practice in Cadiz.
  • – President of SEDO. Spanish Society of Orthodontics.
  • – President of FEO. European Federation of  Orthodontics.
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