Dr. Jean-Francois Cuzin

Dr. Jean-Francois Cuzin

Personal Profile

Dr. Jean Francois Cuzin is an orthodontist practicing in Nancy, France. Dr. Cuzin studied orthodontics at Paris VII and is the Director of the Master Degree Lingual Program at University of Brussels. He has successfully completed thousands of lingual cases and frequently lectures on the Harmony System. Dr Cuzin also holds several in –office courses teaching tips and tricks to both new and experienced Harmony users.



1989 – Chirurgien Dentiste de la Faculte de Chirurgie Dentaire de Nancy I

1991 – Docteur en Chirurgie Dentaire

1991 – C.E.S. de Biologie de la Bouche option Anatomie-Physiologie

1992 – C.E.S. d’Orthopedie Dento-Faciale

1992 – Maitrise de Sciences Biologiques et Medicales

1997 – Certificat d’Etudes Cliniques Speciales Mention Orthodontie

2001 – D.U. Orthodontie Linguale Paris V


Lectures and Teachings

1993-1997 – University hospital center assistant education and dental research – Section orthodontics – Nancy

2004-2013 – Teaching Fellow D.U.O.L.G-Paris VII

2002-2004 – Lead Incognito Tester

2002-2011 – Lead Incognito Trainer

2013 – Director Master Lingual Orthodontics from Brussels



Orthodontic Association Nancy (August 1994) – Many adults in case Incognito lingual technique (+250 Case Incognito)

Lingual Orthodontics Association in Luxembourg since 2002-exclusive Lingual (+ de100 case Incognito)

Secretary of the French Society of Lingual Orthodontics (2000-2004)

Many interventions and communications within the Olympics, FFO, SFOL, ESLO and WSLO

Numerous articles and various communications

ISO Quality Approach (2005)


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