Dr. Maja Ovsenik

Dr. Maja Ovsenik

Dr. Maja Ovsenik received her dental and orthodontic education at the Medical Faculty/Department of Stomatology, University of Ljubljana. After graduation in 1986 she was awarded a Medical research fellowship from the Ministry of Research and Technology for work on the epidemiology of malocclusion.

She completed her postgraduate studies in orthodontics and received her B. Sc. from the Medical Faculty in 1993. In 1998 she commenced her Postgraduate Internship at the Medical Center of Ljubljana/Department of Orthodontics.

Her main fields of research are:  malocclusion assessment methods and epidemiology of malocclusion, longitudinal studies on functional and morphological changes of the orofacial region, orthodontic treatment with the Frankel appliance, early and late orthodontic treatment in unilateral functional crossbite with mandibular shift,  Class III malocclusion and the use of three-dimensional diagnostics in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics.

She is Chair of the Department  of Orthodontics at the Medical Faculty/University of Ljubljana. In the year 2010 she was the President of the European Orthodontic Society.


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